What's Up?

Meetings Page Updated

Our Meetings Page has been updated with the schedule of 2017/2018 season events. Details of many of the events will be filled in as they become available.

2018 Trips Sign-Up

The schedule of trips for 2018 is now online; details on the Multi-Day Trips Page. Our esteemed treasurer will begin accepting deposits about Jun 22. The "lottery deadline" for early registration is Jul 25. A lottery will be held, if needed, on Aug 1.

Places to Ski

New to our Places to Ski section are ski trails in and near Potter County, PA. The "Places to Ski" section is a major feature of our website, including precise locations of nearly 200 trailheads.

Owe Dues or Want to Join?

Simply fill out the online application form or print and mail in a paper application and submit it along with a check for the appropriate amount.


The Kick 'n Gliders Nordic Ski Club is a cross-country ski club based in Harrisburg, PA.

We are an organization devoted to providing opportunities for group cross-country skiing to its membership, promoting safe skiing and encouraging general enjoyment of the out of doors. The Club is open to individuals and families interested in cross-country skiing. People of all ages and ability levels are welcome - and this means beginners, too.

A 'Glide' of Our Members
A "Glide" of Our Members

Please check out the descriptive pages elsewhere on our website for more information about the club and our activities or to contact us for more information.